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Wits End Pub

How We Named It
The Construction of Golden Mile opened a new arena of possibilities as it set a bench mark to beach side establishments. The complete timber log station like structure took a countless number of days to perfect in design and to complete its construction. 14 state approvals were required to bring it to its current glory. The final stage was the construction of the Pub. Tremendous perseverance and understanding lead to this perfect product. This perseverance was witnessed by a close family friend from England Mrs. Annett Whitehouse who has travelled to Sri Lanka with her husband Bill since 1991. She classified the making of the Golden Mile as the height of natural perseverance and understanding. Hence The Name ‘Wits’ End’ was suggested for the very name of The Restaurant. However, The name Golden Mile gave historical value to the location as it was named after the 1 Mile long stretch of Golden Sandy beach, during the old Colonial days. The name Wits End was used for our Pub.

The Wits’ End Pub
The backdrop consists of 22 types of rain forest timber logs uniquely carved for the purpose of displaying world famous beverages. We take pride in having a wine list second to none with preference to home brewed exclusive wines which are given more attention unlike the commercial wines made in bulk. Check out our beverage list for an idea of our stocks.

The Wits End pub is well stocked with an enticing range of cocktails and mocktails that are made just for your taste buds. Be it Pot, Pint or Pitcher We serve tap beer in all its forms. The Golden Mile is a diners only restaurant and beverages are served to compliment its fine A’la Carte Menu.

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Golden Mile
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